QIAsymphony SP/AS

* Innovative, easy-to-use modular system with built-in touchscreen. * Purification of DNA and RNA from a wide range of samples. * Automatic transfer of eluates to the QIAsymphony AS for assay setup. * Continuous sample loading, with bar code reading for sample tracking. * Import of sample lists and export of sample sheets. With a dedicated range of QIAsymphony Kits, the QIAsymphony SP enables sample preparation of DNA, RNA, and bacterial and viral nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials. The QIAsymphony AS extends the capabilities of the QIAsymphony SP by integrating automated PCR assay setup, which, in combination with the Rotor-Gene Q and QIAGEN real-time and end-point PCR kits, enables you to optimize your PCR workflow and maximize your efficiency.

Product type: 

  • Device