About BarcoPharmaLab company

Barcopharma Company is specialized in the supply of Laboratory equipment’s and supplies from reputable global manufacturing companies from American, European and other countries, mostly in Blood Banking, microbiology, hematology, biochemistry, transplantation and other aspects.



Barcopharma’s vision is to build up an efficient and qualified team in laboratory devices and reagents, in order to promote the capability of local dealers through presentations and practical sessions, how to use and maintain the laboratory devices in safe and right way.

Barcopharma’s vision is to establish a prosperous future and linking Iraqi health institutions with Global institutions of laboratories, in order to bring new experiences related to laboratories through participating professional staff in exhibitions and international conferences.


Company category

Barcopharma is a company of the private sector, competent to import laboratory instruments and supplies over worldwide and distribute them to private and public sectors in Iraq, in accordance with the rule and regulation of Iraqi Ministry of Health ‘’MOH’’ .